About Sleeping Star

At Sleeping Star Productions we believe that every child is a Sleeping Star waiting to be woken. We aim to be and outstanding Children’s Amateur Theatre Company that operates while always working with our Mission, Vision and Philosophy in mind. We encourage that all our children follow their passion’s whether that be as part of our cast or even our crew. Sleeping Star Productions in a non-for-profit organisation, we run solely on the work of our volunteers as well as our parents who all play a huge part in helping us operate. However there is always a cost to putting on a production. Our fee’s are always kept as low as possible. We hold auditions not to find any exceptional talent but to give the children a total theatre experience right from the start.

The Committee and Production Team.

The Committee and Production Team are made up of volunteers with a love of theatre and a genuine interest in passing on their experience to the next generation of theatre enthusiasts. Many of us have been involved in Amateur Theatre for many years and have been involved in all facets including acting, producing, directing, back stage, lighting and sound and publicity.

The Children

We ask that the children come along to rehearsals ready to have fun and to work hard and be committed to our production together. It is important that they practice each week between rehearsals. We expect that the children will abide by the SSP code of conduct which will be explained to the children at the first rehearsal. Most of all, we want the children to feel safe, comfortable and get all that they can out of the Sleeping Star experience. Please note: Electronic devices (including mobile phones) are NOT to be used during rehearsal times.


Rehearsals will be:
Thursday 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Saturday 2:00 – 4:30pm
Please note that some rehearsals may be extended

Rehearsal venue: The Avenue Neighbourhood House Eley Park, 87 Eley Road, Blackburn South

A rehearsal schedule will be available at the first rehearsal – please pay close attention to this schedule, as it is vital that all children are at all the rehearsals that they are listed for. It is important to note that not all children will necessarily be required at all rehearsals. So please make a note of the dates and times required and ensure that children attend as scheduled. In most instances there will be rehearsals on the first and last Saturdays of the school holidays unless otherwise notified.

Production Areas

We also welcome children who want to become involved in non-performing roles such as hair, make-up, props, costumes, set painting & Constructions and front of house. We will teach them new skills and encourage them to be an integral part of the show. In return, we will expect them to be reliable and committed.

The production areas need children who:

  • Are over 14 years of age
  • Can follow instructions

If there is an area that a child is interested in and we have not mentioned it, please approach us – we are very open to getting children involved where they feel comfortable and are able to do something they are interested in.

The Parents

At Sleeping Star Productions (SSP) our main concern is the welfare of your children. We can only ensure this with parent support. Our expectations of parents are:

  • Children will have to be accompanied by an adult at all drop off and pick up times
  • There will be a sign in and out book which needs to be signed by a parent or guardian at each rehearsal.
  • Should you have an older child who is making their own way to and from rehearsal we require to be informed verbally and in writing by a parent or guardian.
  • We need to be informed if a child is being picked up by someone other than their parent (This can be recorded in the sign in and out book)
  • It is important that parents check the rehearsal Schedule prior to each rehearsal and ensure that children are available for all rehearsals
  • It is a must that parents are punctual with pick up and drop off times
  • We ask that once a child has committed to the production that rehearsals become a priority, as when one or more cast members are missing from a rehearsal where they are required, the whole cast and schedule is affected.
  • If a cast member is aware in advance of a date where they will unable to attend at rehearsal for any reason, the date should be entered into our diary which will be available at each rehearsal and verbal notification to the parent/child coordinator is also desired. Please ensure when arranging events such as birthday parties, holidays, parents work around the rehearsal schedule.
  • If your child is away due to illness or other reason and it isn’t in the diary, one of our parent/child coordinators will contact you by phone at the beginning of the rehearsal.

Auditions and rehearsals are closed. This means parents can not stay and watch (children do behave differently when mum and dad are watching.) Parents are more than welcome to raise any concerns or ask any questions at any time. Any action, if necessary will be taken promptly.

Sleeping Star Productions wants both children and parents to be comfortable and happy.

We may from time to time require some assistance from parents either with costuming or set building/painting. Should working bees be required we will advise parents/children accordingly and anyone wishing to participate is more than welcome.


Lead roles:

  • Will audition by themselves
  • Read a selected excerpt from the script (we are more interested in character rather than word perfect reading)
  • Sing a selected song (we are interested in voice projection and tune rather than knowing all the words off by heart)


  • May like to audition in a small group of two or three
  • Only required to sing one of the chosen songs

There will be a group movement (dance) audition which all children are required for. It is important to note that the audition process is in place to give children the ”audition experience” . Obviously it does assist our production team in casting the production but at Sleeping Star we will not exclude anyone who wishes to participate based on their audition.

As soon as the production team have decided on roles you will be contacted by email. However this may take time and you will be notified if call back auditions are required.

Please note that we will take a photo of the children and the auditions will be videotaped to assist the production team with casting.


Our committee and production team are volunteers, however, putting on a production does cost, therefore the fees are: $275 per child.

This includes a show fee, membership fee, theatre costs, costume and equipment fee and a script for each child.


The most important thing for our performing children is to perform to ‘full houses’. This comes down to selling tickets. If each family can sell a minimum of 15 tickets this goes a long way to ensuring that the children have a fantastic audience to perform too. This is truly not too hard when you include mum, dad, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, grandparents, friends, teachers etc. They work hard in rehearsals and deserve to be performing to a full audience.

Ticket prices are a very reasonable $30 for adults and $28 for children (up to 18 years) and concession.
Please note there is a no refund no exchange policy on ticket sales.

It is the ticket sales that basically fund the show. If we set out to have ‘full houses’, we can keep costs to the family to a minimum. Also, a full house will give the children their biggest ‘BUZZ’…………. Hearing that applause!!

** Please note fees and ticket prices are subject to change. Each year documents will be supplied to cast members confirming prices.